Sello “Punta Cana Promise”

El Consorcio de hoteles de Punta Cana en el que participa nuestra marca Grand Sirenis Hotels & Resorts presenta “Punta Cana Promise”, el compromiso para reafirmar la confianza del viajero.

Por primera vez en la historia de la isla, un consorcio de propietarios de cadenas hoteleras, que engloba más de 50 propiedades y resorts de Punta Cana y entre las que se encuentra representada nuestra marca Grand Sirenis Hotels & Resorts, se han unido para reafirmar su compromiso a través de un conjunto de normas y directrices de seguridad en uno de los destinos turísticos más importantes de República Dominicana. Toda la información sobre los hoteles participantes, entre los que se incluye Grand Sirenis Punta Cana Resort, se detalla en la web

Los principios que conforman la base de la política de Punta Cana Promise se sustentan sobre ocho líneas básicas:

  • NUESTRAS propiedades son independientes y proporcionan seguridad las 24 horas, tanto en el interior como en el exterior del hotel.
  • NUESTRA oferta de alimentos y bebidas proviene exclusivamente de proveedores acreditados y de confianza, y todos nuestros menús son cuidadosamente revisados e inspeccionados de acuerdo con los estándares globales de gestión de seguridad alimentaria.
  • NUESTROS empleados se someten a rigurosos procesos de selección, evaluación y capacitación.
  • NUESTRAS ratios de personal aseguran que cada huésped recibe la atención, el servicio y la seguridad que esperan y merecen.
  • NUESTRAS propiedades no solo cumplen, sino que superan las normas y directrices de turismo y hostelería.
  • NUESTROS afiliados proporcionan actividades y excursiones gestionadas exclusivamente por socios acreditados, todos con licencia y asegurados.
  • NUESTRAS propiedades están comprometidas en la supervisión y difusión de Punta Cana Promise
  • NUESTROS hoteles proporcionarán información de seguridad y números de teléfono de interés a todos los huéspedes durante el check-in en el hotel.

Cada uno de estos ocho puntos busca responder preguntas específicas y reafirmar la confianza de los viajeros después de la reciente cobertura mediática en la isla. Si bien, las políticas descritas en Punta Cana Promise no son nuevas para los hoteles (las pautas de seguridad descritas anteriormente han estado vigentes durante años), la creación de la marca Punta Cana Promise supone una acción conjunta pionera en la elaboración de un plan completo con recursos en un formato de fácil acceso.

Grand Sirenis Punta Cana Resort mostrará con orgullo el sello Punta Cana Promise en su página web indicando así su participación y compromiso con la Promesa.

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“Punta Cana Promise” Seal

The Punta Cana Hotel Consortium, in which our brand Grand Sirenis Hotels & Resorts participates, presents “Punta Cana Promise,” the commitment to reaffirm travelers’ confidence.

For the first time in the island’s history, a consortium of hotel chain owners representing more than 50 properties and resorts in Punta Cana, including our brand Grand Sirenis Hotels & Resorts, have come together to reaffirm their commitment through a set of safety rules and guidelines in one of the most famous tourist destinations in the Dominican Republic. All information about the participating hotels, including Grand Sirenis Punta Cana Resort, is detailed on the website

The principles that form the basis of the Punta Cana Promise policy are based on eight primary lines:

  • OUR properties are self-contained and provide 24-hour security, both inside and out.
  • OUR food and beverage offerings come only from reputable, trusted vendor partners and are all carefully checked and inspected before being served at any property in accordance with global food safety management standards.
  • OUR employees all undergo rigorous background checks, screening, and training.
  • OUR high staff-to-guest ratios ensure that every guest receives the attention, service, and security they expect and deserve.
  • OUR properties not only meet but also exceed tourism and hospitality regulations and guidelines.
  • OUR hotel-affiliated vacation activities and excursions are provided exclusively by reputable partners who are all licensed and insured.
  • OUR properties are each united in the oversight and delivery of the Punta Cana Promise.
  • OUR hotels will provide safety information and phone numbers to all guests upon check-in.

Each of the eight points seeks to answer specific questions and to reaffirm traveler confidence following recent media coverage of events on the island. While the policies outlined in the Punta Cana Promise are certainly not new to the hotels – the safety guidelines outlined above have been in place for years – the creation of the Punta Cana Promise marks the first time these hotels have worked together to create such a comprehensive resource in one easy-to-access format. 

Grand Sirenis Punta Cana Resort will proudly display the Punta Cana Promise seal on its website, indicating its participation and commitment to the Promise.

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Welcome to Senator Puerto Plata Spa Resort


Located on the north coast of the Dominican Republic, Senator Puerto Plata Spa Resort is set on a glorious 1 km stretch of golden beach surrounded by exotic nature.

Sitting right on a coral beach and boasting breathtaking mountain views and 45,000 m2 / 11-acres tropical garden is a perfect place to enjoy a premium vacation experience.

This resort combines luxury and sophistication. It features large, beautiful pools with jacuzzis making it the ideal paradise to relax and taste unforgettable moments.

Get ready to enjoy all the amenities for a luxury stay with:

  • Pre-arrival priority restaurant reservations.
  • Personal concierge service.
  • VIP check-in and check-out at exclusive members’ reception.
  • Access to the private VIP Lounge with unlimited internet access and internet national and international phone calls.
  • Access to the exclusive members’ pool and beach areas.
CLUB SUITES. Luxuriate in these fully equipped suites with warm decoration and discover the Members-only new Swim-up suites.


Enjoy the In-Suite benefits when staying at a Club Premium Suite. 

  • Premium bar

Club Premium Jr. Suite
  • Bottle of sparkling wine
  • Fruit basket
  • Flower arrangement
  • Souvenir gift
  • A small bottle of national liqueur
  • Aromatherapy
  • Game console
  • Computer with unlimited internet
  • Plano-PP-Premium-0200


    When staying in a Club Platinum Suite you will receive all benefits form Premium Collection and the following additional benefits:

    Club Platinum Jr. Presidential Suite
    • Daily personal butler service on the resort
    • Daily gourmet bites
    • Room service 24 hours
    • In-suite dinner cooked by our master chef
    • In-suite phone with unlimited phone calls via internet


    The gastronomic offer covers 12 different alternatives and brings the tastiest and most exclusive dishes of the five continents to your table. You will live an unbeatable gastronomic experience while on vacation with the restaurant in the resort.

    Embers – A la carte steak restaurant

    Delight yourself with the coal-grilled, smoked, roasted or griddled flavors in this restaurant that offers succulent food for top-quality meat lovers. Enjoy different cuts with memorable combinations and grilled meat recipes.


    La Grappa – The flavors of old Italy

    The acclaimed Italian food has its corner in La Grappa, a fantastic a-la-carte restaurant where you may sample traditional, world-renowned dishes such as fresh pasta with the original condiments used in Italy, lasagnas and freshly-baked pizzas.


    Zao – Restaurant teppanyaki

    The famous Japanese cuisine also has a place in our resort. In addition to the classic sushi, sashimi, ramen or gyozas, this restaurant focuses on teppanyaki cuisine, which is based on elaborating delicious dishes cooked on a steel griddle.


    Larimar – Variety and quantity for all tastes

    A wide selection of international cuisine for breakfast, lunch or dinner whatever you feel like having. Fresh, top-quality products, themed corners and show cooking stations with the best meats and fish.


    Make your vacation even more pleasant, our resort offers six gastronomic experiences to enjoy the best coffees, cocktails, ice-creams, and snacks between hours.

    To enhance the culinary experience, ULC members have access to the facilities, bars, and restaurants of Playabachata Spa Resort. 


    The all-inclusive resort in Puerto Plata allows you to enjoy your vacation without worry, relax in all pools and jacuzzis, as well as bathe in the Atlantic turquoise waters.


    The complex offers to ULC Members a private beach and pool area.


    Live Shows

    A wide range of activities and facilities such as tennis, basketball or beach volleyball courts, as well as equipment for snorkeling, diving, paddle surfing, bodyboarding, and kayaking is available for members. Plus an entertainment program, excursion and fitness center with personal trainer possibilities.

    Tropical Avenue is the perfect fusion between city and beach, a modern promenade with shopping areas, a fantastic selection of live music in the amphitheater and bars that will offer a unique experience in the area.



    Puerto Plata is one of the most complete destinations in the Dominican Republic, with beautiful white sand beaches, impressive mountains and many other attractions for lovers of culture, history, adventure, and sports.

    Fort San Felipe
    Fort San Felipe at Puerto Plata

    Another of the strengths of this destination is, without doubt, its rich cuisine. Tropical fruits, fish, cocoa, coffees, and rums are some of the most popular products.

    It is worth noting also the craftsmanship, which stands out for its creativity and color. In Puerto Plata is the oldest amber mine, therefore, jewelry takes on special importance.

    Finally, we must not forget the local parties and events, proof of the happy character of its people. In them, there will be Latin rhythms and dances, a hallmark of the country.


    Recommended Airports 

    • Gregorio Luperón International Airport 25 km / 15 miles.
    • Cibao International Airport    105 km / 65 miles.

    Nearby towns and cities 

    • Puerto Plata – 9 km / 5.5 miles
    • Sosúa – 25 km / 15 miles
    • Cabarete – 35 km / 21 miles


    Ultimate News!

    We are thrilled to announce that as of January 1, 2020, the new name of your vacation club will be Ultimate Leisure Club instead of Sirenis Premium Travelers Club.

    Sirenis Premium Travelers will continue to exist as the holding company that sits under the Sirenis Hotels & Resorts umbrella brand. We are the same corporation, the same team of like-minded professionals, with a new brand name.

    We believe that this change reflects a significant milestone in the evolution of our company since its founding in 2009, by reassuring who we are and where we are going. However, our backbone beliefs remain the same.

    With this new vacation club name, we will be able to expand our Resort Portfolio to offer you new travel possibilities at our; Home Resorts, Partner Resorts, or Associated Resorts.

    As of January 1, 2020, when you log in to the website, you will be redirected to our new website, where you can simply login by using your same user name (Membership PIN No.) and password.

    At your new website, you will discover our new look & feel as well as some unique features like the Rewards & Referral module.

    Our email domain will be instead of, and our social media accounts will be:

    We take this opportunity to reassure our commitment to provide you with the same or better level of service you have experienced, and we would also like to thank you for your loyalty.

    Please do not hesitate to contact your personal Member Care Executive should you have any questions.

    We are all very excited about our new vacation club name and are looking forward to seeing you at one of our Resorts soon.


    This is your time, your club, your moment to belong.

    Saving Earth, One Turtle at a time!


    Every year, dozens of turtles arrive at our nesting beach in Riviera Maya to lay their eggs. Being one of the most endangered species in the world, we put much effort into protecting these beautiful creatures.

    In Mexico, we have laws that forbid the practice of fishing, eating, and selling sea turtles and their eggs. Moreover, Mexico is part of the InterAmerican Convention for the Conservation and Protection of Sea Turtles.

    Starting in 2017, Grand Sirenis Riviera Maya established nesting bases to further this effort of being ecofriendly. We offer a training program for all our employees and volunteers where we educate them on the importance of protecting sea turtles and their natural habitat. They learn how to minimize the use of plastic and other trash that has polluted our oceans for years as well as how to release the turtles once they hatch.

    During the months of June to November, the hatchlings begin to break out of their eggs and climb out of the nest to find the ocean. Sometimes baby turtles are disoriented and need help to make it to shore. Our trained staff members provide assistance to clear the path to the sea, making it easier for these newborn creatures. Of course, we invite all our members to assist us as well as there are many turtles that need our help!

    As of today, we have released 5,301 turtles and along the Riviera Maya we have:

    • 78 Loggerheads sea turtle nests | 7,912 Loggerheads turtle eggs
    • 162 Tabasco Turtle nests | 17,912 Tabasco turtle eggs

    If you are planning a vacation, visit our Riviera Maya resort during July to witness this once in a lifetime rewarding experience. Not only are you helping the conservation of an endangered species, but you will also connect with nature and its life cycles.


    2nd SPT Members Appreciation Convention – 2018

    2a convención de Socios

    Join us!

    The 2018, 2nd SPT Members Appreciation Convention offers a variety of events to ensure that you make the most of your time in Grand Sirenis Matlali Hills & Resort in Puerto Vallarta.

    Click here to subscribe to each event for the chance to win amazing prizes.
    Master Chef                                       3K Race                                           Talent Show
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        SPT Convention T&C

    SPT Beach Club in Riviera Maya.

    Welcome to the first SPT beach Club outpost of Grand Sirenis Resort in Riviera Maya, this destination positioned. Spread across palm three spaces, our multifaceted venue offers an array of experiences. We have taken the essential elements that, when combined together, create our unique SPT Beach Club vibe and have reimagined them to create an offering that celebrates and embraces the fantastic aspects of Sirenis.

    Sirenis Premium Beach Club will offer its members a stylish and sophisticated destination for relaxation and rejuvenation with it’s tranquil and refreshing facilities.

    acercamiento hamacas.JPG

    SPT Beach Club is a definite point located on the most exceptional sun-soaked stretch of sand in Grand Sirenis Riviera Maya. Designed to straddle the line between indoors and outdoors, the beach club takes its cue from modernism and maritime influences.

    Located in a privileged place, SPT Beach Club is a refuge next to the Caribbean Sea. A sophisticated club for all family, where you can enjoy the sun, pool, and sea, the best time during your vacations, thanks to its concept and a private tropical oasis full of energy. Delight your senses and relax luxuriously.

    SPA alberca.JPG

    In Sirenis Premium Travelers Club all week there is mode vacation starting the with best dishes of our Mexican and international cuisine with the best products of our sea and our land, our chef will cater and satisfy your appetite with his inspired selection of national and international dishes.

    This slideshow requires JavaScript.


    Can you think of a better way to start the morning than with a delicious fresh drink?

    We offer a wide variety of dishes for lunch prepared with the best quality.                            Let us surprise you with our flavors!

    The New Sirenis Premium Beach Club family-friendly at Sirenis Punta Cana Resort.

    From the palm tree-lined entrance to the tropical landscape at our seafront Resort, your arrival at Sirenis Punta Cana Resort & Aquagames sets the stage for a truly unique and memorable experience. Whether traveling for business or on a leisure vacation, now is time for spending time at the new Sirenis Premium Beach Club, that is destined to be a grand experience for our SPT members.
    Also known as “Sirenis Premium Travelers Beach Club”, we are located just next to the tranquil pool.

    Beach Club Punta CanaWe serve the best Mojito and signature kitchen dishes, specializing in individual gourmet portions.

    At Sirenis Premium Travelers Club we are pride ourselves in living up to our reputation by offering great service to our members!

    letrero SPT .JPG
    Operations hours: Monday through Sunday. Check out our menus:

    Brunch 10:00 a.m.-05:00 p.m.

    Chef’s Diner on Tuesday’s from 7:30 p.m. & 8:30 p.m.

    Gala Dinner on Thursday’s  7:00 p.m.

    Visit our website for more info: 


    Another Opening in Sirenis Punta Cana Resort … The Brazilian Restaurant “La Gira Rodizio”.

    La Gira Rodizio, the new Brazilian restaurant of Sirenis Punta Cana Resort, with signature cuisine.

    Delve into our menu and savor the traditional flavors that our Brazilian restaurant offers. Enjoy an unlimited and succulent variety of rotisserie-grilled meats, glazed pineapple, a gourmet salad bar, authentic Brazilian sides, and an experience like nowhere else.

    Inspired by the Southern part of Brazil, La Gira Rodizio offers eight swords rotisserie-grilled portions of meat, perfectly seasoned. Our meats are sliced thin to capture the tenderness and flavor produced by our slow-roasting process.

    Our gourmet salad bar includes a variety of signature salads, fresh fruits and vegetables, cheeses and cured meats and much more.

    Ask your server about draft beer or complement your dinner with a glass local wine.


    It’s open from 6:30 p.m.- 7:00 p.m.- 8:00 p.m.- 9:00 pm

    * Vegetarian menu available.

    With so many choices the whole family will be satisfied.