Dolphin Discovery Brings Unique Experiences to Grand Sirenis Property

Dolphin Discovery, one of the top dolphinariums in the world, will soon bring its unique animal encounter experiences to guests at Grand Sirenis.

While the experience will be on Grand Sirenis property, Dolphin Discovery is an independent company and Sirenis Hotels & Resorts will not be involved in its operation. Sirenis management  extensively researched Dolphin Discovery to ensure it meets or exceeds the company’s safety and ethical standards, and its environmental responsibility values.

Safety of guests and the animals was the priority. The dolphin habitat at Grand Sirenis will offer the largest space per dolphin of any such facility in Mexico and far exceed standards established in Europe and America. All of the dolphins at Dolphin Discovery are bred in captivity (none are taken from the wild) and interact with humans comfortably from early in their lives, ensuring the utmost safety for guests who choose to take part in the experience.

The dolphin experience is tentatively scheduled to open in Summer 2014.

Dolphin Discovery is an organizational member of the International Marine Animal Trainers Association IMATA, and their existing Cozumel facility is also a member of the Alliance of Marine Mammal Parks and Aquariums AMMPA. Moreover, Dolphin Discovery has the H hallmark and has been recognized as a Socially Responsible Company for the 4th consecutive year. To learn more about the experiences they offer, visit

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