SPT: Saving & Protecting the Tropics!

IMG_7333 Sirenis Premium Travelers does their part!  For the fourth consecutive year, the company continues its tradition of team-building and giving back to the community with an annual beach clean-up of the oceanfront resorts Grand Sirenis Riviera Maya and Sirenis Punta Cana.

The event in Mexico was in preparation for the safe return of endangered sea turtles that nest along the Mexican Caribbean each summer.   Seventy staff members gathered in great spirits to donate their time removing trash, large rocks and other debris from the beach that prove as hazardous obstacleIMG_7345s for the turtles attempting to come ashore.  As an eco-friendly operation, the club eagerly looks for opportunities to not only help the community, but also to show their support for wildlife.  As testament to their love for the marine animals in their backyard, Sirenis Hotels & Resorts even named the disco AK after them at Grand Sirenis (“AK” meaning “turtle” in Mayan)!


DSC_0008 Just like in Mexico, environmentally friendly efforts continued with a similar event at Sirenis Punta Cana.   With the company’s top producers as team captains, each group came up with their own name, wore t-shirts designed by fellow SPT staff and competed to see who could do the most thorough clean-up of the beach and the resort’s surrounding area.  The winning team, Los Pollitos (“the chickens”), succeeded in collecting 5 large bags of trash out of nearly 30 the entire team collected throughout the day.  The clean-up was both a great eco-friendly event and bonding experience for the staff.  What a rewarding day!


In addition to Saving & Protecting the Tropics, SPT hosts and participates in several activities to support the environment throughout the year.  Guests and wildlife alike can appreciate a clean beach and a healthy environment to live in and vacation to! DSC_0162

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