Saving Earth, One Turtle at a time!


Every year, dozens of turtles arrive at our nesting beach in Riviera Maya to lay their eggs. Being one of the most endangered species in the world, we put much effort into protecting these beautiful creatures.

In Mexico, we have laws that forbid the practice of fishing, eating, and selling sea turtles and their eggs. Moreover, Mexico is part of the InterAmerican Convention for the Conservation and Protection of Sea Turtles.

Starting in 2017, Grand Sirenis Riviera Maya established nesting bases to further this effort of being ecofriendly. We offer a training program for all our employees and volunteers where we educate them on the importance of protecting sea turtles and their natural habitat. They learn how to minimize the use of plastic and other trash that has polluted our oceans for years as well as how to release the turtles once they hatch.

During the months of June to November, the hatchlings begin to break out of their eggs and climb out of the nest to find the ocean. Sometimes baby turtles are disoriented and need help to make it to shore. Our trained staff members provide assistance to clear the path to the sea, making it easier for these newborn creatures. Of course, we invite all our members to assist us as well as there are many turtles that need our help!

As of today, we have released 5,301 turtles and along the Riviera Maya we have:

  • 78 Loggerheads sea turtle nests | 7,912 Loggerheads turtle eggs
  • 162 Tabasco Turtle nests | 17,912 Tabasco turtle eggs

If you are planning a vacation, visit our Riviera Maya resort during July to witness this once in a lifetime rewarding experience. Not only are you helping the conservation of an endangered species, but you will also connect with nature and its life cycles.


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