The Season for Giving Continues

Just as uplifting as the Breakfast with Santa was at Sirenis Punta Cana, the season of giving continued with a BreakfaDSCN6476st with the Three Wise Men at Grand Sirenis Riviera Maya.

As part of the annual event, children from the Akumal local public elementary school were invited to spend the morning at the Caribbean resort to enjoy a delicious meal, games and fun as well as receive gifts that were donated by SPT co-workers and even members!

The event started early in the day when the hotel’s transportation bus arrived at the local town of Akumal to pick-up the children and bring them back to the resort.

The breakfast was hosteDSC_5027d at one of the resort’s themed restaurants open exclusively for the kids; and the space, lit up with gleeful decorations, was alive with holiday cheer as the children participated in activities created just for them by the hotel’s animation team.  Taking a picture with the three wise men was the highlight of the day, as well as the children dance competition!

“To put smiles on the children’s faces is priceless.  We, at the hotel, begin preparation for this event months in advance and we do it not only to help out our community, but also to share in the excitemDSC_4898ent ourselves. In the end, it was hard to tell whether it was the hotel staff or the kids who felt the most joy that day!” said Vanessa Costa, Director of Grand Sirenis Riviera Maya.    

The Breakfast with the Three Wise Men was a gratifying experience for both children and adults, and this year was the best yet! It is a pleasure for hotel staff to welcome students from the wonderful community that surrounds them.  We already can’t wait for next year!

 DSCN6553    DSC_4840

Spreading Joy & Good Cheer: Breakfast with Santa

Every year,DSC_0405 SPT and hotel staff at Grand Sirenis Riviera Maya and Sirenis Punta Cana go above and beyond to spread holiday cheer to our valued members.  Both Caribbean properties boast breathtaking decorations and host a wide array of activities, allowing guest to enjoy the magic of the season while relaxing in paradise!

In addition to the festive decorations and jubilant activities, one of our favorite holiday traditions is spreading joy by DSC_0415giving back to our local communities. On December 16th, Sirenis Punta Cana hosted “Breakfast with Santa” where over one hundred children, teachers and parents from the nearby elementary school were invited to spend a day at Sirenis Aquagames, the on property water park. At this event, held annually, a delicious full breakfast was served while Santa visited with the children, took photos with them, and handed out special gifts.

“The event is a rewarding experience for all of us.  The children are able to enjoy the water park and visit with Santa, while our day is made brighter by witnessing the smiles that light up their faces.  This is what the holidays are all about!” said Grace Sepulveda, Director of Sirenis Premium Travelers Club.

IMG_4732      IMG_4688

As it truly is the most wonderful time of the year, we at Sirenis Premium Travelers also want to extend our warmest wishes to you and yours.  Click on the link to see our staff, located around the globe, wish you a very happy holiday!

From all of us at Sirenis, here’s to a happy, healthy and successful New Year!    IMG_4797

The ecosirenis initiative kicks off at Grand Sirenis!

Grand Sirenis Riviera MayIMG_5159a Resort & Spa recently hosted the grand opening of its ecosirenis nursery. The nursery, named Vivero, exhibits five ecosystems featuring the 22 different species of vegetation the resort is home to.  Guided tours of the conservation area are now offered to guests to educate them and plant a respect for nature in their hearts.  Visual displays of Mayan traditions are placed along the winding paths of lush greenery to honor the resort’s ties to one of the most environmentally conscious civilizations!


During the exciting opening, there were rituals performed by a Mayan shaman and dancers.  Participants also planted the first tree in the SPT Members Children Garden. Members’ children are encouraged to plant seeds next to rocks showing their names so that each time families visit their home away from home at Sirenis, they can check on its growth!

The opening of Vivero was only a kick-off to several upcoming Ecosirenis projects.  Grand Sirenis Riviera Maya has since introduced eco-tours that allow bike tour 1guests yet another opportunity to explore, up-close and personal, the awe-inspiring environment and wildlife that inhabit the region.  In addition to the variety of vegetation that thrive on property, the resort’s beaches are also populated by various animals including the Black Iguana, the Cinnamon Hummingbird, and the Social Flycatcher.  Guests can participate in the eco-tours either on foot or by bike.IMG_5219

We will keep you posted on more Eco Sirenis projects to come as Sirenis Hotels & Resorts continues to further their environmentally friendly efforts and stay true to the in-touch-with-nature principles of their ancient Mayan ancestors.

Grand Sirenis Welcomes Dolphins!

dd (1)

Dolphin Discovery introduces its latest marine attraction, Dolphin Discovery Akumal, to our property! Just the thing to enhance your next vacation, the dolphinarium newly located at Grand Sirenis Riviera Maya Resort & Spa, presents you and your family with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to learn about, view, and interact with Atlantic Bottlenose Dolphins.

Set along the easternAkumal shores of Riviera Maya, the dolphinarium is a saltwater lagoon with breathtaking panoramic ocean views. As a member of Alliance of Marine Mammals Parks and Aquariums (AMMPA), Dolphin Discovery adheres to the highest standard of training and care of marine mammals with an in-house vet stationed at each location to ensure the well-being of the animals. This seafront setting is home to four of them – Charly, Athos, Gigio and Porthos – that are part of a successful breeding program call Miracle. The program is responsible for fifty percent of the dolphin population and a reason why the company is considered a leader in preservation of the species.

“We are very happy about this collaboration with the world’s leading company of dolphinariums. Swimming with dolphins is an unforgettable one-of-a-kind vacation experience for resort guests and represents a bonus to any guest staying at our hotel,” commented Don Abel Matutes, Sirenis Hotels & Resorts President.

Dolphin Discovery offers three unforgettable programs. Dolphin Encounter allows all family members the chance to get involveDIA_9535d with the dolphins, where children as young as one receive a kiss, hug, and handshake from their new marine friends. Even more playful interactions during Swim Adventure and Royal Swim make for up-close, memorable experiences available to participants six years of age and up.

After a day of snorkeling orDIA_9313 relaxing at the spa, guests are able to enjoy this excursion without the hassle of traveling to another location and for SPT members the deal is even sweeter! Members enjoy a 20% discount on all activities at Dolphin Discovery Akumal and all other Dolphin Discovery locations worldwide.  For more details, visit or get a first look at the experience here.

SPT: Saving & Protecting the Tropics!

IMG_7333 Sirenis Premium Travelers does their part!  For the fourth consecutive year, the company continues its tradition of team-building and giving back to the community with an annual beach clean-up of the oceanfront resorts Grand Sirenis Riviera Maya and Sirenis Punta Cana.

The event in Mexico was in preparation for the safe return of endangered sea turtles that nest along the Mexican Caribbean each summer.   Seventy staff members gathered in great spirits to donate their time removing trash, large rocks and other debris from the beach that prove as hazardous obstacleIMG_7345s for the turtles attempting to come ashore.  As an eco-friendly operation, the club eagerly looks for opportunities to not only help the community, but also to show their support for wildlife.  As testament to their love for the marine animals in their backyard, Sirenis Hotels & Resorts even named the disco AK after them at Grand Sirenis (“AK” meaning “turtle” in Mayan)!


DSC_0008 Just like in Mexico, environmentally friendly efforts continued with a similar event at Sirenis Punta Cana.   With the company’s top producers as team captains, each group came up with their own name, wore t-shirts designed by fellow SPT staff and competed to see who could do the most thorough clean-up of the beach and the resort’s surrounding area.  The winning team, Los Pollitos (“the chickens”), succeeded in collecting 5 large bags of trash out of nearly 30 the entire team collected throughout the day.  The clean-up was both a great eco-friendly event and bonding experience for the staff.  What a rewarding day!


In addition to Saving & Protecting the Tropics, SPT hosts and participates in several activities to support the environment throughout the year.  Guests and wildlife alike can appreciate a clean beach and a healthy environment to live in and vacation to! DSC_0162

Sirenis Staff You Should Know: Pamela Linares

pamelaSirenis Premium Travelers Club members encounter many employees before, during and after their resort stays. Our staff is the most important factor in your overall experience, which is why we thought it would be interesting to highlight some of the club’s key staff that make your resort stays memorable.

The next time you visit Grand Sirenis Riviera Maya, be sure to say ‘hola’ to Pamela Linares. She is currently your Member Services Manager, but has also held the positions of Operations Manager, Marketing Manager, Director’s Assistant and even worked in the Contracts department. Her wealth of knowledge on the club is unparalleled—maybe that is because she loves her job and loves working for Sirenis.

As Member Services Manager, Pamela is responsible for the entire member experience from the point of reservation to resort checkout. “My main goal is to make sure all guests we have in our care receive exceptional service and enjoy everything the resort has to offer,” Pamela says. “I work closely with the Personal Concierges to make sure guests have the experience of a lifetime every time they vacation with us.”

Pamela was born and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina, so Riviera Maya is a long way from home—but she absolutely loves her new home. “I love the weather and the people of Riviera Maya,” Pamela says. “And I love enjoying my days off at the beach or at one of the other sunny places in the area. My family loves it, too.”

Like many Sirenis Premium Travelers Club members, Pamela is also an avid traveler. She always wanted to visit Venice—and last year her dream came true! Now she is back at work in Riviera Maya, making sure your travel dreams come true.

Sirenis Premium Travelers Employee Holiday Party

The Sirenis Premium Travelers Club company holiday party was a tribute to all SPT staff. We have the best team members in the world and wanted to show them how special we think they this holiday season. Here are the highlights…

Sirenis Resort Punta Cana Hosts “Breakfast with Santa” on Dec. 20th

The Sirenis Resort Punta Cana Casino & Aquagames and Sirenis Premium Travelers Club celebrated the holidays in a unique way on December 20th. It hosted its annual charity event called “Breakfast with Santa”.sirenis premium travelers club charity event

sirenis premium travelers club charity eventThe event brought 135 children and 35 teachers and volunteer parents from La Ceiba public school to the resort for the day-long event.  The guests of honor enjoyed a day pass that included a delicious breakfast buffet and the opportunity to have their individual picture taken with Santa.  They each received a gift from Santa and afterwards they all spent the day in the beautiful Sirenis Aquagames Water Park.

sirenis premium travelers club charity eventSanta Claus arrived in Dominican style–on his four-wheeler–and wore his sunglasses during the pictures session with children.

The event was just one of the various charity events that Sirenis Hotels & Resorts and Sirenis Premium Travels Club organize throughout the year.

Sirenis executives did a magnificent job organizing the event–every detail was contemplated in order to assure a fun and safe day for the children.

“The event was an amazing experience! I think we enjoyed it as much as the children! To see the children’s faces gleam with joy when they saw Santa arrive–that was priceless,” said Lucero Lagarde, Sirenis Premium Travelers Operations Manager.

sirenis premium travelers club charity eventThe staff would like to extend a special thank you to the sponsors for making this event an unforgettable experience for the children at La Ceiba school. Australian Gold provided sunscreen and sunglasses, beach balls and frisbees for all of the participants. Personal Hotelero y Turístico Bule, S.R.L, provided round-trip ground transportation from the school to the water park for all of the participants. Diviu Imagen photographed and shot video for the entire event, and gave each child and parent their personal picture with Santa. The owner Arnaldo Andrés Gomes personally attended the event.

“I was amazed to hear several of the children say, ‘Sirenis is incredible! I had never had a day so wonderful and special in my whole life,’” said Delmi Mercedes, the school principal.

Luis González expressed, “It was a great pleasure to welcome the students from La Ceiba school in our water park Sirenis Aquagames. It shows our commitment and interest in this wonderful community that has been so welcoming to us.”

All of the children had a blast, and all of the adults did, too! You can view all the photos from the event on the Sirenis Premium Travelers website here…

Sirenis Premium Travelers Club Reveals New Look & Feel

As you may know, Sirenis Premium Travelers recently celebrated its 4th Anniversary. As a club and a brand, we are growing quickly. We are also learning so much about what our members love about the club, and the things that are important to them when they travel to our resorts. All these factors were inspiration behind the evolution of our brand and the launch of a new look and feel for all our club communications.

The new brand look and feel centers around striking visual icons that represent the key values of the club: Flexibility, Choice and Privilege. The icons are frequently used with the new club slogan:

This is Your Time, Your Club, Your Moment to Belong.

This slogan is meant to communicate that the club is focused on making memorable and personalized travel experiences for each and every member. And in today’s pre-packaged and commoditized travel environment, that level of attention and customization is a rare and special opportunity.

The new look of the club was first revealed at Sirenis Premium Travelers Club’s  4th Anniversary party over the summer. Large banners and models dressed in eye-catching costumers brought to life the new icons (pictured below) and the vibrant pink, green and blue color palette.

Sirenis Premium Travelers Club new look and feel

You will also notice our new look in your member materials and online. The new SPT website is a major platform to showcase the new brand, as is the new member e-newsletter sent three times per month. The club’s Facebook page, Twitter profile and YouTube channel will also feature the new look.

So fellow members…what do you think of our makeover?

Dolphin Discovery Brings Unique Experiences to Grand Sirenis Property

Dolphin Discovery, one of the top dolphinariums in the world, will soon bring its unique animal encounter experiences to guests at Grand Sirenis.

While the experience will be on Grand Sirenis property, Dolphin Discovery is an independent company and Sirenis Hotels & Resorts will not be involved in its operation. Sirenis management  extensively researched Dolphin Discovery to ensure it meets or exceeds the company’s safety and ethical standards, and its environmental responsibility values.

Safety of guests and the animals was the priority. The dolphin habitat at Grand Sirenis will offer the largest space per dolphin of any such facility in Mexico and far exceed standards established in Europe and America. All of the dolphins at Dolphin Discovery are bred in captivity (none are taken from the wild) and interact with humans comfortably from early in their lives, ensuring the utmost safety for guests who choose to take part in the experience.

The dolphin experience is tentatively scheduled to open in Summer 2014.

Dolphin Discovery is an organizational member of the International Marine Animal Trainers Association IMATA, and their existing Cozumel facility is also a member of the Alliance of Marine Mammal Parks and Aquariums AMMPA. Moreover, Dolphin Discovery has the H hallmark and has been recognized as a Socially Responsible Company for the 4th consecutive year. To learn more about the experiences they offer, visit