Sirenis Premium Travelers Club Launches New Member Website

We are thrilled to announce the launch of the new member website at! The extensive new website offers Sirenis Premium Traveler members a convenient way to access all the benefits of their membership, and for travelers from around the world to learn more about the club.

The new site includes all the features that members have requested: secure access to book the club vacations, exclusive airfare and car rental offers, online exchange request tools and members-only travel deals. Sirenis Premium Travelers Club members can also instantly check their reservation status, research their next vacation and review the details of their membership account.

Sirenis Premium Travelers Club websiteMembers will be asked to set up an account the first time they access the website. It’s a short and easy process that will take approximately five minutes. The account set-up process includes answering a few travel preference questions—the idea here is to find out how each member prefers to travel so that the club can tailor the website experience to the individual member. Once registered, members will be able to see all the details of their membership account, including any new vacation booking going forward.

“We are so proud to launch the new member website,” said Grace Sepulveda, Director of Sirenis Premium Travelers Club. “The new, advanced site represents our ongoing commitment to provide members with the best tools and technology to manage and use the club.”

The new Sirenis Premium Travelers Club website is a first step in our larger plan to provide members with seamless online access to their membership details. IPad and iPhone applications are in the works and will be launched within the next several months.

“Of course, these new online tools will never take the place of the personalized service our members have come to expect from Sirenis Premium Travelers Club,” said Sepulveda. “There will always be a friendly Member Services representative waiting to help our members via phone or email with any travel need.”

We welcome your feedback on the new website! Since it just launched, there will be ongoing testing and fixing of any technical difficulties. So check it out and post your comments and feedback to our Facebook page.

3 Great Reasons to Visit Riviera Maya in May & June

As everyone knows, there are high seasons and low seasons for travel to Riviera Maya, Mexico. Our flagship resort, Grand Sirenis Riviera Maya, is an idyllic place to call home for a week or two at any time of the year, but like every resort in the world there are seasons that are much busier than others. It may come as no surprise that Spring Break and the winter holiday season are the two busiest tourist seasons for Riviera Maya. And while those times may be popular for good reason (time off from school and work), there are other months during the year that provide plenty of travel advantages as well.

Grand Sirenis resort

If you have the flexibility of taking your vacation at any time of the year, the months of May and June could be the best times to visit Grand Sirenis. Why?

Less Crowds.

With Spring Break over, all the party animals have gone home and taken their throngs of friends with them. And while Riviera Maya isn’t empty in May and June, it is sure less crowded than during high season. That means more space on the beach, more tables in restaurants, more available appointment times at the spa, more peace, more quiet, more privacy—for everyone. If that sounds good to you, May and June is a great time to visit.

Lower Rates.

Because May and June are considered off-season prices on things like airfare, car rental fees, excursions and other travel expenses could be much lower. It definitely varies from place to place, and from vendor to vendor, but some experts say the cost savings during the off-season can range from as much as 20% to 50% off!

More Local Color.

When the crowds are gone, the locals relax. They also have more time to talk with tourists and customers. Travelers who like to get a good sense the local culture will find it is easier to gain that perspective during the off-season when the locals aren’t being overwhelmed with swarms of people.

The off-season is the off-season for a reason. May and June are the start of the summer in Mexico, which means more rain than usual and hotter temperatures. However, it is just the start of the season, so those two months will likely not be as hot and rainy as the late summer. For some smart tips on traveling in the off-season, check out this great article.

Have you ever traveled in the off-season? Would you do it again?

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Punta Cana

Have you visited Sirenis Punta Cana Resort yet? Maybe you have and maybe you haven’t, but either way you probably never knew how truly amazing the Dominican Republic is! We hate brag, but we at Sirenis Premium Travelers Club always knew Punta Cana was one awesome place to vacation. But we have to admit that there are some interesting facts about the Dominican Republic that have alluded us…until now.

Did you know…

Aerial view of the idyllic Saona Island, Dominican Republic
Aerial view of the idyllic Saona Island, Dominican Republic.

1. Christopher Columbus arrived on the island of Hispaniola (the island that is home to the Dominican Republic and Haiti) on December 5, 1492, during his first voyage to the new world. He claimed the island for Spain and named it La Española.

2. Pico Duarte, located the central mountain region of the Dominican Republic, is the highest mountain in the entire Caribbean at over 10,000 feet!

3. Lago Enriquillo, located near the border with Haiti, is the lowest point in the Caribbean at 135 feet below sea level. It is also unique because it is a saltwater lake and one of the most important wildlife preserves for American crocodiles.

4. Larimar is a rare blue stone that is only found in a mountainous region of the Dominican Republic.

5. From Punta Cana, you can take a day excursion to Saona Island, famous for its stunningly beautiful beaches. The island has been used on many occasions by filmmakers and advertisers looking for a stereotypical “desert island” setting.

6. The Rhinoceros Iguana is a threatened species of lizard found almost exclusively in the Dominican Republic and its neighbor, Haiti. They vary in length from 60 to 136 centimeters (24 to 54 inches) with skin colors that range from a steely gray to dark green to brown.

Larimar, found only in the DR.
Larimar, found only in the DR.

7. The national dish of the Dominican Republic is Sancocho (pronounced San-co-cho). It’s a soup with vegetables or ground provisions such as yams, yucca, potatoes, and a variety of meats.

8. The unofficial national cocktail of the DR is called Mama Juana, made by soaking rum, red white and honey in a bottle with tree bark and herbs. It is dark red and tastes similar to port wine.

9. Merengue is the official dance of the Dominican Republic.

10. The longest game of baseball ever played was played in the DR. It lasted 6 hours and 13 minutes. The Dominicans won 4 to 3 over the Tigres de Aragua of Venezuela.

What other fun facts do you know about Punta Cana and the Dominican Republic? Share them below!

Happy Birthday, Sirenis Premium Travelers Club!

sirenis premium travelers club anniversary party

Sirenis Premium Travelers Club celebrated its 4th anniversary on July 18, 2013 with a huge birthday bash at the AK Disco & Terrance at the Grand Sirenis Riviera Maya Resort & Spa. The event also showcased SPT’s new look and feel with models dressed in costumes designed around SPT’s new brand icons.

One of the highlights of the night was the popular staff lip-sync contest, a tradition that has been continued every year since the Club’s 1st anniversary celebration. The contest was serious business with stiff competition. Auditions were held weeks in advance in order to select the top seven lip-singers to participate at the  “Sirenis Got Talent” grand finale. The jury that selected the winner consisted of seven different Directors from strategic business partners and one Platinum SPT member. The popular staff competition promoted integration, teamwork, confidence, and most importantly, having fun as a team.


Other highlights of the event included:

  • Surprise dance and lip-sync show performed by the hotel operations management and Club executives that was dedicated to the entire staff and highlighted the concept of leading by example.
  • Showcase of the newest effort of the Club to go paperless: the competition score cards were completed in a customized iPad app.
  • Three futuristic models/hostesses, each one wearing a costume designed around one of our three new emblematic icons that represent the Club promises of Flexibility, Privilege and Choice.
  • Candy table with personalized candy including M&M’s marked with the SPT logo.

What do you think next year’s anniversary party should include?

Sirenis Premium Travelers: Saving & Protecting Endangered Sea Turtles

sirenis premium travelers club meetingIt’s that time of year: sea turtle nesting season! All summer, endangered sea turtles will be nesting on beaches all over the Gulf of Mexico, including the beach at Grand Sirenis Resort & Spa! Sirenis Premium Travelers Club and Sirenis Hotels have always been friendly with the wildlife that lives and visits our resorts, but sea turtles have a special place in our hearts (and our backyard!).

For the third year in a row, SPT staff took on the challenge of making our beaches safer nesting spots for sea turtles—primarily green sea turtles, one of the most endangered species of sea turtle in the world. During our monthly staff meeting in May, SPT staff formed teams and removed large rocks from the beach area; sirenis premium travelers t shirtrocks that may be dangerous obstacles for sea turtles attempting to come ashore to nest, and possible obstacles for hatchlings scrambling from the beach to the sea. The team that removed the most rocks (by weight) won free spa treatments at Spa Grand Sirenis. There was also a contest for the best t-shirt design for the event.

This is the first year Sirenis Premium Travelers took to removing rocks, but not the first for dedicated beach cleanup in an effort to protect marine wildlife, including sea turtles. In 2012 and 2011, SPT staff organized a beach cleanup, removing trash and other debris that had washed ashore in front of the resort. Small pieces of plastic can be deadly to sea turtles that sometimes mistake plastic for jellyfish, one of their favorite treats.

Sirenis Premium Travelers Club will be conducting beach cleanups and other environmentally friendly activities at Sirenis Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic, as well. Stay tuned for more on that story coming soon.

Great job, SPT staff! The turtles say, “Gracias!”

sirenis premium travelers club staff

Sirenis Premium Travelers Wins a Gold ARDY Award

Sirenis Premium Travelers Club proudly announced today that it won a Gold ARDY award for its innovative new iPad-based electronic member kit. The tablet application replaces the long-standing traditional printed binder member guide that most vacation ownership companies have used for decades. The iPad application is part of a larger plan to provide virtual member access through robust website, tablet and mobile applications, all of which are scheduled to launch later this spring.

This was the first year and first project entered into the ARDA awards for the young vacation club company. ARDY awards are given by the American Resort Development Association; the trade association represents the vacation ownership and resort development industries. The organization has almost 1,000 corporate members ranging from privately held firms to publicly traded corporations. Sirenis Hotels & Resorts and Sirenis Premium Travelers recently won other distinguished hospitality awards like the RCI Excellence in Service Resort & Premium All inclusive Distinction, announced in a February 2013 news release.

“This award recognizes Sirenis Hotels & Resorts commitment to its vacation club and their members by providing the most innovative solutions that add convenience, flexibility and value to our members,” said Antonio Riera, Sirenis Hotels & Resorts Corporate Director Caribbean Area. “After a detailed analysis and research, and by listening to our members, we have launched the first ever electronic members kit—a vanguard innovation that will allow members to be instantly link with us and their membership.”

“The engagement of our members with the club is going to be greater than ever because they now have the opportunity to be in constant communication with us virtually, on the go; in a secure, private and exclusive platform that will enable them to be informed of all our novelties,” he added.

When Sirenis leaders decided to move forward with the iPad-based member kit, they sought the best design and technology minds in the vacation ownership industry, which ultimately led them to Brand Tango. The comprehensive marketing, design and technology company clearly grasped Sirenis leaders’ idea and took the iPad member kit from concept to reality. Over the last decade, the agency has won countless awards for its design and technology work in the vacation industry and others. The companies jointly announced the member kit project in November 2012.

The award was given at the ARDA World Conference Gala on April 10, 2013 in Hollywood, Fla.

On hand to accept the award were Antonio Riera, Sirenis Hotels & Resorts Corporate Director Caribbean Area, Grace Sepulveda, Sirenis Premium Travelers Club Director, and Joe Russoniello, President of Brand Tango.

Sirenis Premium Traveler Assists Grand Sirenis in Receiving 3 RCI Awards

Sirenis Hotels & Resorts, in conjunction with Sirenis Premium Travelers Club, happily accepted three prestigious awards from RCI, the vacation ownership industry’s largest exchange company. The awards included Excellence in Service, Gold Crown and Premium All-Inclusive distinctions.

Sirenis Hotels & Resorts proudly announced today that its flagship resort, Grand Sirenis Riviera Maya, has received three awards and distinctions from RCI. The awards were given during an evening of awards and celebration on February 27 at the resort, which took place in the magnificent Grand Presidential Suite with 360-degree views of the Caribbean Sea and on-site Mayan ruin.

Sirenis Premium Traveler and Grand Sirenis win 3 RCI Awards
LEFT TO RIGHT: Antonio Riera, Finance Director of Sirenis Caribbean; Grace Sepulveda, SPT Project Manager; Juan Ignacio Rodriguez, RCI Developer Latin America; Juan Llinas, General Director Caribbean; Alfonso Chamorro, Manager; Roberto Gomez, Assistant Manager; Andres Lagarde, Assistant Manager

Grand Sirenis received its fourth consecutive Gold Crown award—the resort has been designated a Gold Crown resort by RCI since its affiliation with the exchange company began in 2010. The Gold Crown distinction indicates the resort is in the top tier of the RCI resort collection, delivering the highest level of service and amenities.

The resort also received the Excellence in Service award. This prestigious recognition is awarded based on comments from RCI members who exchange opinions about the hospitality and quality of service found in resorts around the world. Just nine out of 80 resorts in Riviera Maya have received this distinction. Sirenis Premium Travelers Club played a key role in obtaining this award. The staff of Sirenis Premium Travelers Club provided many services for RCI members who visited the resort, including pre-arrival communications and on-site personal concierge services. The club is a membership-based vacation club provided by Sirenis Hotels & Resorts.

The third award the resort received was the Premium All-Inclusive distinction, a brand-new resort distinction announced by RCI in 2012. Similar to the Gold Crown distinction, this award indicates that the resort consistently delivers the highest quality all-inclusive amenities and unparalleled service that go beyond the typical all-inclusive resort. Indeed, Grand Sirenis has an impressive variety of a la carte restaurants and other all-inclusive services that are rare in the region.

“We are so proud to have received these prestigious awards from RCI,” said Joan Llinas, Sirenis Hotels’ Director of Operations for the Caribbean Area. “I want to thank our staff, both the hotel staff and the Sirenis Premium Travelers Club team, for their dedication to quality and service for our guests.”

“These awards mean we will see more RCI guests at the hotel, learning about the privileges of the Club,” said Grace Sepulveda, Director of the Sirenis Premium Travelers Club. “That is a great thing for the hotel and for the Club.”

New Member Check-in Process Means More Personalized Experience

Sirenis Premium Travelers Club Members visiting Grand Sirenis Riviera Maya will now have a whole new arrival experience. The new check-in procedure was created to heighten the level of service and exclusivity for Members, and promises to add even more value to SPT membership.

The new check-in process begins the second you arrive at the resort.  You will leave your bags with the bellmen at the entrance, and will be met by your concierge–the SPT staff will know your detailed travel schedule so they will know exactly when you are expected to arrive at the resort and be at the ready when you do.

Once you are met by your concierge, you will be shuttled to the Sirenis Premium Travelers Club VIP Lounge to check-in. That’s right, no more checking in at the hotel front desk! You will also be able to exchange money, schedule services and excursions, and make dining reservations all from the VIP Lounge at check-in.

After checking in, you will be shuttled to your suite, where your bags and your fluffy beach towels will already be awaiting you.

The whole new check-in process is faster and more personalized, and just one more reason that being a Sirenis Premium Travelers Club Member is so special!

New Junior Presidential Suites Open for Sirenis Premium Travelers Members

Big news for Sirenis Premium Travelers Club members! This month, the Club inaugurated the newest Member suites at Grand Sirenis Riviera Maya: the Club Junior Presidential Suites.

Sirenis Premium Travelers Club Jr Presidential SuiteThe newly constructed suites were created by combining two Junior Standard Suites and boast approximately 125 sq. meters of living space. These Platinum level suites are all located in Building 19 at Grand Sirenis, and all have spectacular ocean views. The new Junior Presidential Suites join the One-bedroom Presidential and Grand Presidential suites to round out the Platinum level collection of rooms for Sirenis Premium Travelers Club Members.

The renovation of the new suites took about four months to complete, and transformed the older suites into visually stunning, modern vacation homes. As you can see in these photos, the room decor is bright and colorful, yet similar to the clean, modern look of the other Sirenis Premium Travelers suites in the resort.

More of the new Junior Presidential Suites are planned for the future. To find out more, or book a stay in the new suites, call Member Services.

Here are some additional photos of the new suites!

Sirenis Premium Travelers Club Jr Presidential Suite

Sirenis Premium Travelers Club Jr Presidential Suite

Sirenis Premium Travelers Club Jr Presidential Suite